Sunday, February 24, 2008

Song of the Week 2/22/08

Wilco - "Red-Eyed and Blue/I Got You (At the End of the Century)"

"When we came here today
We all felt something true
Now I'm red-eyed and blue"

Those last three lines in one of my favorites from Being There really struck me yesterday as I was looking at footage from Wilco's five night "play every song from every album" stand at the Riviera Theatre on You Tube. (The clip above is from the second night) My never ending/cold/flu/beast tackling the east died at the same time as two of my favorite music entities--No Depression magazine and my favorite bar Magnetic Field.

No Depression was one of the few places over the past eight years that wrote in depth pieces about artists I truly cared about. (Five pages on the Minus 5???!!?) They covered music that was true--intelligent rock/country/R&B that would never go out of style. And now due to the downturn in the music industry and the magazine world, they're closing up shop.

Magnetic Field...gosh, what haven't I said about this place on this blog? I'm sure I'll have more to say once the bar closes at the end of March. (And after Bunnie England has its last gig their on Friday March 14th--come on down!) But it was definitely a sad day when I was asked by one of the owners to write the release about the bar closing. On the plus side, the release I wrote is easily the most disseminated piece of copy I've had in my entire career. Not that that makes me feel any better about losing the place where I've lost most of my liver. At least I've 30 more days to enjoy doing that.

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