Saturday, May 19, 2007

Song of the Week 5/18/07

Ace Frehley - "New York Groove"

I enjoy turning on "young" folks to some cheesy 70s rock every once in a while. Such was the case early Thursday morning as my friend Brian and some other folks took a slow crawling F back to Brooklyn after a rain-delayed Mets-Cubs game at Shea. One of Brian's friends mentioned he was going to play "New York Groove" at some party, and Brian commented that he never heard the song. I was surprised, since the Mets have played "New York Groove" during parts of games for many years (and Brian is only five years younger than me). So I took out the iPod, scrolled to the "A" section and turned over my headphones. It was funny watching Brian (who's a drummer) start bobbing his head as the slinky, late 70s beat took over during the chorus. It was even funnier when he kept singing the chorus during various parts of our seemingly never-ending subway ride. I'm sure the people sharing our car enjoyed it.

As if the Mets wanted to back up my point, during today's Subway Series game they played it again. Now I have no doubt--"New York Groove" sounds really great coming through big stadium speakers.

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