Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Song of the Week 7/7/06

Fastball - "The Way"

I made my first trip out to Shea Stadium last week and in celebration I put together a playlist of baseball and Mets-related songs (three versions of "Meet the Mets!") to entertain me as I hopped on the 7 train. Obviously I had to include Fastball just for their name. Even though I'm a bigger fan of "Better Than It Was" from All the Pain Money Can Buy, I decided to go with the hit single (get it, single?) "The Way." Eight years and a zillion overplays later, this track still sounds amazing to me. Each note, each instrument, each sample and each harmony is perfectly arranged. If anyone wants to teach a course on what made a great pop-rock song in the late 20th century, they need to look no further.

I ended up listening to my Shea-inspired playlist a few times over the rest of the week--and I think the volume my earbuds reached when "The Way" played took care of what was left of my eardrums. Oh well.

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