Saturday, April 02, 2005

Song of the Week 4/1/05

R.E.M. - "World Leader Pretend"

They say death comes in threes (The Pope, Mitch Hedberg, that feeding tube lady). Sometimes that works for the Song of the Week as well:

1) I spent my Sunday afternoon going through the DVD's that are part of each reissue of R.E.M.'s Warner Bros. catalog. The last one I watched was Green, which not only has the album remixed in surround sound but also includes three songs from Tourfilm, the concert movie shot at the end of their extensive 1989 tour. One was a clip for "World Leader Pretend," a song which the group deemed so important in 1988 that they included the lyrics on the album sleeve, which was a first for Michael "Mr. Mumbles" Stipe.

2) Tuesday morning I woke up to WFUV playing "World Leader Pretend."

3) I read some MP3 blog (which I would link to, but I can't remember which one it was) on Wednesday which mentioned a new EP from a band called (wait for it...) World Leader Pretend...who just so happen to have an album coming out on (wait for it again...) Warner Bros. (On that blog I listened to one track called "Bang Theory" that was pretty damn good. and I look forward to hearing more from them.)

Wow, that's pretty freaky when I see all of it put together on the page. I hope it doesn't happen with this song next week.

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